French Classes for Kids


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It’s never too early to learn a new language. Most parents want their kids to speak a language other than their mother tongue. One of these languages is French. This language is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world and is regarded as the language that is useful not only for immigration, commerce, business, cuisine, fashion, and travel but later on to be competitive in the international job market as well. If you want them to speak French why not enroll them for French Classes while they are still toddlers.

Fun French Classes for Kids

Kids at their toddler years are just mastering their language skills, and there is no formal lesson plan for their French classes at this age. They are picking up new vocabulary and ways to express themselves, and they naturally use these skills when they are learning a second language.

Our classes at French Tutor Sydney are designed for kids who are ready for independent learning. By interactive methods like role play, songs, stories and other activities, kids will soon be speaking the language naturally.
We offer fun French classes for kids while they pick up the fundamentals of the language. Our lessons are engaging, and our tutor teaches essential French vocabulary for French fluency with the correct pronunciations.

Personalised Approach to French Classes

French Tutor Sydney offers courses for toddlers through to teenagers in a one-on-one class or group classes to non-native speakers.
For kids who are learning French as a foreign language, let them enjoy the language with our educational and age-appropriate French lessons. This allows a progression of learning objectives adapted to the age and ability of the child. They will learn the language through songs, games and stories. Through speaking, reading and writing, children will discover the pleasure of communicating, understanding, expressing themselves in a new language.

Accelerate your kids’ journey to fluency of the French language!

If you are looking for the best French classes for kids near you, French Tutor Sydney offers an age-appropriate curriculum. Our tutor enjoys working with kids and is caring and professional. We cater to all schedules and provide a healthy learning environment where they can relax and have fun. We also offer classes via Skype.

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Children will enjoy our fun and fully immersive small French classes tailored to their age and abilities. Young students learn French through playful activities, while teens explore the language through thematic projects and real-world tasks that immerse them in French and the francophone culture. At French Tutor Sydney, you’ll see your kids enjoy learning the French language faster than anywhere else.