French Classes Upper North Shore

Want to Learn French in the Upper North Shore?

French is the language of love, the arts, theatre, fashion, culture and cooking. No wonder many people want to study the French language. If you wish to study French for pleasure, travel or business purpose, you can now avail French classes in Upper North Shore; French Tutor Sydney is at your service.

French Classes Upper North Shore

Learn to make a full sentence in French from day 1

At French Tutor Sydney, you can learn to speak French with confidence and ease. They have comprehensive lessons that cater to a total beginner or an intermediate student. You will learn French from a professional, friendly and fully qualified instructor who will let you discover the beauty of the French language.

Our lessons are suitable for adults and kids, from novice to advanced and we provide the students the opportunity to learn in a relaxed and welcoming environment in the Upper North Shore. We are flexible and cater to all schedules, and even have some weekday evening classes and weekend classes.

Gain Confidence to Speak French Fluently

At French Tutor Sydney, we can teach you to speak French from day 1. Learning a new language is not easy, but we can make it fun and enjoyable for you. Our instructor teaches in small groups and even one-on-one to give you the essential speaking experience to develop your confidence to speak French fluently in no time.

You will be introduced to French pronunciations, vocabulary, grammar, conjugations, conversation and of course, the French culture. These lessons are flexible and designed keeping in mind your interest and reason to study French, be it travel, academic, business or migration.

Take Advantage of our French Classes in the Upper North Shore

To teach French, we have made curriculums and classes suitable for each student and their requirements:

 – Primary and Secondary Students can enrol in our age and level appropriate group lessons. It can help the students to be well ahead of the rest of the class and gain confidence in passing their exams with flying colours.

Group Private Lessons are ideal for couples, family, and colleagues. Impress them with your proficiency in the   – French language on your travels and during social gatherings with lessons from French Tutor Sydney.

One-on-One Lessons is recommended if you want to learn French at your own pace.

Skype Lessons are available for those who cannot attend classes in person. You can study in the comfort of your home or office from anywhere in the world.

Learn French Fast!

Our tutor will enable and motivate you to speak French with confidence in a short time. Not only that you will make perfect French sentences from day one. That’s our promise to you.
For French classes in the Upper North Shore, contact French Tutor Sydney today.