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Are you looking for a private French tutor near you? You are in the right place. Welcome to French Tutor Sydney, the best French tuition in Sydney for adults and kids.

What makes you a Francophile?

If you appreciate French perfumes, art, architecture, cinema, fashion and food (hello baguettes and pâté) and you understand the beauty of the French language; you are a certified Francophile. It is no wonder why France is the most visited country in the world.

Many textbooks and computer programs can help in learning French, but it will not tell you that French is a language rich in dialects, slang, and idioms and it can vary from one area to another. French, after all, is spoken across the globe like in France, Belgium, in Quebec, in many African nations and vacation destinations.

Private French Tutors

Whether you are a student, a professional, or just somebody who wants to learn a new language, French Tutor Sydney has individual French lessons that are tailor-made for your specific needs and objectives.
Each of our course is carefully designed and structured to help our students make quick progress. It includes a mix of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, facts about French culture and language activities with a little bit of homework to help you practice in between classes.

Our tutor is enthusiastic and supportive in helping you make good progress. Learn from the best private French tutor near you from French Tutor Sydney and see a vast improvement in your speaking and writing skills.

Focus on Speaking French

French Tutor Sydney teaches students French the way it is commonly spoken in modern France. Our private French lessons concentrate on the conversation and informal interactions while covering grammar in the curriculum.
The social aspect of interacting with fellow students in the French classes is essential. When you are having fun learning French, you will find it easy to remember French grammar and pronunciation. We evaluate each of our students during the first meeting to formulate the best teaching method and the materials to personalise the French lessons. You can book your classes any day, depending on your and the teacher’s availability.

Why Choose French Tutor Sydney

Excellence in Teaching – 22 years’ experience teaching French has given us an insight into what works best for each student.
Tailored to your Needs – Every student learns at their own pace. At French Tutor Sydney, you have fun while learning French and you get better results at examinations especially HSC.
Study materials are free of costs.
We offer lessons via Skype – for those who want to learn from the comfort of their home or office. Learn French at your convenience and start gaining the confidence to speak French.

Learn French at your own pace with a patient teacher and a curriculum tailored especially for you. This is what French Tutor Sydney offers you.
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Private French Tutor Near You